TUESDAY, September 29 Saint Michael and All Angels

Genesis 28:10-17. How awesome is this place!

When we contemplate being in the presence of God, it is indeed awesome. Once I visited a church and found in the pulpit a plaque that read “This is an awful place.” Somewhat shocked, I asked the rector why such a terrible statement was engraved there. He laughed and said a plaque reading “This is an awe-filled place” had been ordered by phone, and when it arrived misspelled the vestry decided to install it to keep the rector humble.

Think of every movie you have seen in which some king or potentate was accompanied by trumpeting and gaily attired attendants.

So it is with God. In the psalm and lessons for Saint Michael’s Day, angels help our minds to soar into imagining what it must be like to be in God’s presence. Just as there were angels at Jesus’ birth and in the empty tomb, so they will pave the way for us to approach the throne of God at the day of resurrection. And because of their presence, we know it will be an awe-filled, not an awful place.

PRAY for the Diocese of St. David’s (Wales)

Ps 103; Revelation 12:7-12; John 1:47-51

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