TUESDAY, September 1 (David Pendleton Oakerhater)

Mark 14:66-72. I do not know this man.

It is easy to stand with or emulate those we admire when the world is heaping praise upon them. But to continue to stand with them when the crowd turns is a different matter.

When palm branches wave and shouts of Hosanna are sounded, it is easy to join in. When cries of approval for a political candidate rise up at a rally or when an orchestra receives an ovation, it is easy to stand and clap with the others. But the true test comes when the sentiment of the crowd shifts–even if our own does not.

No one was more loyal to Jesus than Peter. But when his world turned upside down even Peter, loyal Peter, denied him. On the surface, today’s scripture looks like a story of betrayal. But for those of us who have faced such moments and (like Peter) failed, it is really a story of Good News. For when that human, sinful, weak moment passed, Jesus was there to forgive, and Peter became the rock.

Such redemption is ours as well. Moments of denial and failure are not forever. From our weakness can come an opportunity to become a rock.

PRAY for the Diocese of Sodor and Man (York, England)

Ps 26, 28 * 36, 39; 1 Kings 8:65-9:9; James 2:14-26

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