FRIDAY, September 18 (Edward Bouverie Pusey) Ember Friday

Matthew 5:11-16. Let your light shine before others.

Once again we reflect on the subject of light.

Most of us have known people who want to claim center stage. In school it was the class clown. In adult life it may be someone stuck on himself or so insecure she has to keep reminding everyone of her accomplishments. These people love the light that emanates from themselves and do not realize that others find it so harsh that it blinds them.

The light that Jesus asks us to shine before others is reflected light. It is light that is warm and compelling. It is light that allows others to see in us the qualities of Jesus and to observe the satisfaction we find in serving him, so that they may be drawn to Jesus through us.

The light we are asked to let shine before others is as the sun that shines through a stained-glass window. Rich in color, it bathes the beholder in beauty and then bids us gaze upon the images it contains and discover that it actually points to Jesus.

PRAY for the Diocese of Southern Philippines (Philippines)

Ps 69:1-23(24-30)31-38 * 73; 2 Kings 1:2-17; 1 Corinthians 3:16-23

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