INTO the cause of causes shalt thou penetrate, and lifting, one after another, every veil of illusion, shalt reach at last the inmost Heart of Being. Thus becoming one with Life, thou shalt know all life, and, seeing into causes, and knowing realities, thou shalt be no more anxious about thyself, and others, and the world, but shalt see that all things that are, are engines of the Great Law. Canopied with gentleness, thou shalt bless where others curse ; love where others hate ; forgive where others condemn ; yield where others strive ; give up where others grasp ; lose where others gain. And in their strength they shall be weak ; and in thy weakness thou shalt be strong ; yea, thou shalt mightily prevail. Therefore, when Heaven would save a man, it enfolds him with gentleness.”

He that hath not unbroken gentleness hath not Truth.

From James Allen’s Book of Mediations for Every Day in the Year.

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