Man in the Mirror“Do you know anyone who has ever won the rat race?”

Patrick Morley asks you to look within yourself. For within you are the answers. Each chapter examines one of the 24 problems that men face. The problems are discussed with their applications in our society while using the Bible for guidance. At the end of each chapter there are focus questions, which allow you to look within yourself and evaluate your own life. This also provides the opportunity for discussion with friends or a group. The back of the book includes a Discussion Leader’s Guide. Although this book is written for men, today all of these problems are universal.

Recently, Patrick has created The Man in the Mirror Remix, a corresponding audio/video presentation in which he discusses each chapter in-depth. You can find these and other great Bible study resources at

Patrick Morley’s books encourage you to focus on the different roles in life. His deep Christian roots are the strength and basis for his writings. The Man in the Mirror series addresses the needs of men at different stages of their lives:

Dad in the Mirror, Young man in the Mirror, the Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror, the Second Half of the Man in the Mirror, and
Ten Secrets for the Man in the Mirror.

Patrick’s belief that couples who pray together have the strongest relationship bond is examined in Devotions for Couples and
The Marriage Prayer. His works are in the spirit of giving. His writings are to make fishers of men, so they can learn to live independently and spread their vision in the service of others.

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