Bruce Wilkinson’s in-depth, line-by-line analysis of1 Chronicles 4:10 in The Prayer of Jabez is something worth remembering. You rush through readings and grasp an overall meaning. However, what if you slowed down and looked at each line. There are meanings inside the meanings. Although they are subtle, they are monumental in their affect on you. You not only see that this prayer is positive, but you begin to see God’s work in you.

What if you considered this in other writings and prayers? A completely new world will open to you. As you have been conditioned to process unlimited amounts of information, you must slow down and smell the roses. There are signs all around you. They are left there to guide you and to strengthen you. Maybe that person you ignored the other day, or was upset at, might have been that divine answer you were seeking. It is hard to find the good, when so much stress and pressure is in your life. Try to open to new possibilities. The solution is already within you.

The Prayer of Jabez Bible Studyis one of the best complimentary guides around. The four week study provides an in depth review of each verse of the Prayer of Jabez with thorough examples on how they apply to your life. The design is very user friendly and provides for an interactive session each day. At the end of each week’s study, a prayer is introduced based on the week’s lesson and bible verse. One special exercise in Week Three addresses the question, How can I be filled with the Spirit? The five step process about receiving the Holy Spirit is not only very practical, but offers you a tremendous tool in your spiritual journey.

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