Tuesday, November 10

(Leo the Great)

Matthew 15:21-28.

Lord, help me.

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Another friend writes he has lost his job, “downsized” as we say in the new doublespeak for being dismissed. The economy is bleak. Nearly everyone knows more than a few friends who have no employment. The experts do not see much change on the horizon. It could be years before recovery.

My friend’s letter touches me deeply. It is all the more poignant in that all of us are affected by the downturn. But his letter expresses no bitterness. Fear of the future is present, he writes, but that can be handled only by faith. His words remind me of the healing power of God alone.

God is not an employment agent, of course, nor do I believe God is concerned with human prosperity. But he is concerned for our well-being. So I know that what is in store for all of us will, in time, enrich us—even if we do not yet know what that will be. That’s okay. It will unfold.

The persistence of the Canaanite woman seeking Jesus’ help causes him to marvel. “Woman, great is your faith!” he tells her. Great ours should be as well.

In difficult times or good times we do well to seek first the kingdom of heaven. Then, everything else will take care of itself. Lord, help us all.

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